Custom Group Text App Reviews

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This is a really nice app - nicely designed and easy to use.

No iMessage

The first thing this app tells you to do is to turn off your iMessage. Not into that.

Bad app

App requires you to shut off iMessage and MMS in order to use. Plus there is no verification of send messages to mass contacts. This is not an efficient way to text groups and confirm they have got a message. Cant believe I had to pay for this.

Works, but...

This app might work a little TOO well. I text over 150 people five days a week, but I have the contacts split up into three different groups of 50. It should be able to handle this fine since Ive split it into smaller groups, but it sends out multiple texts to some of the groups. This is very frustrating because I dont want to be more annoying than I already have to be when mass texting every day. I emailed the support group for the app about the problem a few days ago and got no response. Ill try out another mass texting app now.

Good but not perfect

I use this app a lot, but you have to turn off mms and iMessage every time. Gets frustrating.


iO6 did not fix the problem of imessage and mms !!!!!!!!!

Great app!

Thanks for the support iphone 5!

Mass Text

Being a music promoter - this is the best $2.99 Ive ever spent!


As a youth pastor, I can connect with a hundred kids in 5 seconds. Its so easy a baby do it!

Excellent Mass Messenger

Ive had this app for 2 years now and it works perfectly when you adjust the iPhone settings AS INSTRUCTED! You can group friends, family, employees, whatever you want and in whatever combination! Edits easily. It works!


Sent out first text to 58 contacts worked perfectly and quickly. Much better than other app I had before!

Worked like a charm

I manage two soccer teams and needed a way to contact the teams at tournaments and to communicate last minute changes. This is easy. Just read the instructions.

no way to select names inside app... must first create a group inside the stock iPhone contacts app and then import it over to this app.

Keep Crashing.

The paid version of this app crashes before I open it but the free one doesnt but have more than 10 contacts. This app could get a 5 from me if it didnt crash


LOVE this app!

Texted 2,000 people without Probs!

It works great, needed help uploading contacts and support tried its best to help! Great support! At the end selected each contact one by one but it was worth it!


The product is great . You should add a way to put pics in the message as well . That would be helpful. I use this product everyday for work Thanks Scott


Is there going to be an update for iOS7? The app works great, but I just updated my phone and now its running slow.

Update Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was a 5 star for me until this new update! Now it doesnt work for me at all! HELP!!!

i07- 4stars until new software download

Since i07 app not allowing me to send messages. Not functioning at all??

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