Mass Text Message App Reviews

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Terrible, dont waist your $

Does not work, terrible waist. Not compatible with iPhones

Not good

Why would you want to have a Mass Texting app that can only send texts in groups of at LEAST 10?? Im trying to send individual messages fast to all my contacts, but this app doesnt do that. I wasted 3$

Friendly person

Its great to be able to send all my friends the same message at the tap of a button. Yeah for Mass Texting. Works great.

Stops working when I need it the worst!! Grrrrr

I love this app when it works. I have had to recreate lists multiple times even deleting and buying the app again.. As I use this for business, it has cost me more time than I think its worth, deleting & recreating new lists!! Grrrrr ! Trouble shooting didnt work either!


App to work until recently. Error now states must use iMessage.


I5 with iOS7. Cant send photos. I broke up my contacts into two lists of 20, turn off iMessage and SMS as recommended and still get message failures.

Great app!

Since the latest update, this app has been incredible. I use it every week for groups of 20 up to 60 people. Works great for me!

Great App!

I love Mass Text Message! I was able to install and use it all by myself! Its going to save me many hours!

This App is great and saves time.

I have a list of a few thousand people that need to send product info on regular basis. I looked and looked and looked then I found this app. I had doubt it could do what it says. I contacted the support. And same day I had my questions answered. I am sending 100 text every 2 minutes after I have my contact lists ready. I use iPhone 6+. I even created a script that splits my excel file of 10000 into 100 ,csv files of 100. I can send 100 files in 3 hours. Every time is just two clicks. I think iPhone 6+ took this app to the next level, it works flawlessly.

Works ok, but no updates

Worked fine until recently, now it takes 3-5 tries to send out a group message. Plus cant send pictures. Havent received any updates in very long time. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys fix issues with iso 8. Thank you.

Inconsistency and glitches

I am looking for another mass text app. I paid for the upgrade and there was no improvement.

Frustrated X2

I purchased this app 2 times! I send M-F a bible scripture/encouraging WORD to over 1000 people. People have been waiting for their daily encouragement, which Im not able to send. When the names show up green it works but not always. If my group shows up blue it will say a recipient must be removed because of iMessage. Ive tried everything... NOT WORKING! Can anyone recommend another app to send Mass Text? Thanks

Very helpful!

Great idea and very helpful!

App is very frustrating

Love the idea and format of the app but ever since the update of iOS7 this app blows.. Most the time it cannot be trusted to send out the text.. Huge disappointment.

Not consistent and just plain bad

Rarely ever works on the first try to send to group of about 17. If youre looking for a mass text option for non iOS users this is absolutely NOT the way to go. Ive given this a try for about a year now- Im deleting it and installing something else today.


This used to be a GREAT app. However, I have not been able to get it to work properly & consistently since the last two (2) Apple matter what settings I use. I guess Ill have to find another source for mass texting. FRUSTRATED!!

Excellent mass text option that works with iOS7!

This app really delivers! My other group/mass text app providers all had not answers, only complaints about Apple and iOS7. Ingenious batching feature! Well worth the money!

You can too see

Well I have been trying to find an application to let me mass text without the recipients seeing each other or being able to respond to the text! Still doesnt hold on this one. Failed! Everyone can see and respond to the message I sent out! Oh well Refund Please!! Ill just stick with my normal messenger to do the same thing! I took the time to group people in the computer so I could use the groups. (Thought I was saving time) just to not even see my groups listed in the add groups screen! 5 minutes and I want out! Refund please!

Sooo frustrated :-(

For the third time I cant even send a message to support! it simply reads "error 404 nothing found sorry, but you are looking for something that is not here." How messed up is this? I was in love with this app for groups of 60, 50, 38 and more that I have an work with regularly. I get that it may not be their fault, that its iOS seven that is causing on the mass texting problems for groups over 20, but there workarounds arent working for me this week. They were working last week. And now I cant even get through to send a message to their support? This stinks, and I probably have wasted an hour and a quarter over two days trying every setting in every variation three or four times, and losing my text messages over and over.

Working well!! Great Mass Text App!!!!!!!

Working Well Again! Highly Recommend this App!! It saves me so much time! The limits in iOS7 are a little annoying, but the new Batch Mode is very helpful. Thanks for the update! Also, my phone lost most of my contacts that Ive added in the last few months, but This App Saved Me, cuz it still had all the phone numbers stored of anyone I had in a group!!

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